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Rice milling machine

Model 6N40X

Small rice milling machine Suitable for household use Can color rice as fast as 12 minutes / 1 sack, delivery nationwide. And after-sales service



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Vacuum sealer

Model DZ260-2D

A desktop vacuum sealer is ideal for home or small business use. Can seal both fresh food (With little water) and dry food



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Shrink Tunnel Machine

Model BS-A 450x350 Net

BS-A450 heat shrink packaging machine This machine is suitable for shrink films such as POV, PVC, PP, POF, etc.There are shrink tubes on top, bottom.



Top Brands

Coin head Isan Korat Our company is located in Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality, Thailand. We deliver products every working day. Throughout Thailand, whether near

Or how far is the head of the Isan coin happy to provide services to recommend - install And teaches you how to use and how to maintain the device.

All customers for support And trust to choose to use the service to buy the device from us

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Best Seller - Best Seller

Shop with the head of the Isaan coin for many years. Starting from the first small Decide to buy a larger device. Because of the impressive after-sales service, the sales team, the service technician team, will always be the customer.

- Pee Paew Kitnapa -

Customer testimonials

Our organization is a small community organization. Looking for a small machine to assist in the packaging process in the community. I have come to consult the head of the Isan coin and I am very impressed. Good talk, fair price

- Dr. Kit, Community Developer -

Our company needs a big packaging machine. Number of machines But I found that many companies have bid far beyond our budget and meet the Isaan coin head here, the price is acceptable and the after-sales service is excellent.

- Pharmaceutical companies -


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