DY06 - LF-1080B nitrogen filling belt sealer

DY06 - LF-1080B nitrogen filling belt sealer



This machine is based on the adsorption essence of similar foreign products and the latest market demand vacuum machine in a new generation design with cremation vacuum transmission. (Such as nitrogen or other gases), code seal in one Continuous sealing series and filling machine

This machine has a simple and novel structure, beautiful appearance, complete function, high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

1. Thickened and wider heating blocks and cooling blocks to ensure quick and perfect sealing.

2.High precision drive wheel, very beautiful.

3.High quality solid rubber tension knob, wearable.

4.Lateral unibody gearbox, more stable.

5.High-quality polyformaldehyde gear with high-strength injection molding, smooth running and low noise.

6. Patent to replace the sealing belt, which is easy and convenient.

7.Protect the machine to ensure the safety of the operator.

8.The belt can be easily adjusted up and down, forward or back according to the size of the product.

9.Elegant panel, easy to operate, variable speed conveyor.

10. Gas can be filled, filling time can be adjusted.

11. New vacuum pump alternative to ensure high vacuum.

12. The "AirTac" filter prevents the product from (Eg pellets, liquids) into vac um pumps


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