DY36 - BS-G 450x250 Shrink Tunnel Machine

DY36 - BS-G 450x250 Shrink Tunnel Machine


Heat shrink packaging machine BS-G450 is suitable for shrinking thin shrink films such as POF, PVC, PP, POP etc with far infrared radiation. Shrink film thickness should be in the range of 0.01-0.04mm, shrink chamber temperature and belt speed can be adjusted. In addition, the height of the shrink tunnel can be adjusted according to the size of the packed goods. Teflon Conveyors have advantages in heat preservation. It's ideal to shrink small and light boxes with this shrink machine.


  • Compact structure, high efficiency
  • Precise temperature control of the shrink tunnel
  • Strong air flow provides excellent heat dissipation for consistent shrinkage.


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