DY39 --- Semi-automatic packer BZJ5038B

DY39 --- Semi-automatic packer BZJ5038B


BZJ5038 series sleeve wrapper is suitable for wrapping pops, cans, bottles, etc., applicable for PE shrink tunnel.
The machine adopts Germany advanced technology and international famous brand, which makes the capability is stable and it works for a long time.


  • Up and down magnetic switch prevents sealing errors and protects the operator.
  • The input position can be adjusted depending on the size of the packed product.
  • Intelligent temperature controller works stably.
  • Large power conveyor motor with stepless speed regulation ensures smooth feeding.
  • The larger up and down fan system ensures the excellent effect of recoil in one go.
  • The special cooling system cools packages and keeps them perfectly shaped.
  • Tunnel size can be customized according to your request.


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