HL26 - Large Tray Date Printer MY-380F-W

HL26 - Large Tray Date Printer MY-380F-W


It adopts optical and mechanical combination technology, automatic temperature control, automatic counting and adjustable printing position.
Use a solid ink wheel for printing, writing clearly, printing instantly and dries instantly. Color enhances strong adhesion.

l Equipped with universal printing wheel, suitable for sorting type R or T, type T 1-11 lines, 1-10 characters / line; R type 1-8 lines 1-8 characters / line

l Character size is 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm for choice.

l Labels can be printed on paper, thin cardboard, plastic film and aluminum foil.

l This machine is automatic, high speed, efficient and can print up to 300 pages per minute.

l This machine can be customized to change ink wheel printing mode to ribbon coding mode to suit the packaging material to be steamed after printing.


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