NB06 - Swing cover vacuum sealer model DZ-500 / 2SB

NB06 - Swing cover vacuum sealer model DZ-500 / 2SB


Seal the vacuum (VACUUM PACKING).
Have the properties of vacuum pack By pulling oxygen out of the bag To extend the life of food from oxygen-rich microorganisms such as all types of fungi and oxygen-demanding bacteria Allowing to keep products for longer With a vacuum machine And seal the bag tightly to prevent air entering it, making the work in the bag last longer

  • Vacuum-packed materials can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth, and humid and prolong the storage time of products.
  • It can pack multiple products at the same time, suitable for small continuous work and high work efficiency.
  • The computer board control or control relay can be used.The filling plate can be installed to meet the requirements of different height packages and improve the efficiency of the packaging.
  • Dust filters can be configured for vacuum packaging of powder products.

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  • Return Policy

    • There is a problem within 24 hours after installation. Change the new device immediately (Which must be verified that it is not caused by misuse)
    • Machine warranty up to 1 year (excluding wear and tear of spare parts).
    • There are after-sales service technicians all the time.
  • After-sales policy

    • You can inquire the Support team at any time about problems in use.
    • There is a technician to check in case of product problems.
    • All of our technicians have at least 5 years of experience and are ready to serve.